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This is not hype. This is the evolution of sports hydration. Odell Beckham Jr. worked with our science team to develop an all natural, completely revolutionary version of the already amazing ROAR coconut sports drink. Get out there and be a legend. Just like our new OBJXII flavor.



Our story

ROAR, a coconut-water based drink, which gives you the energy and hydration of a traditional sports drink without all the chemicals and sugar. Created to provide long-lasting energy, ROAR’s advanced hydration system helps to replenish the body and mind while quickening muscular response. With 25% less sugar than its competitors and coconut-water based, ROAR provides a metabolism boost while detoxifying and increasing electrolytes

ROAR is now available at over 2,000 retail locations; so pick up yours today to start enjoying the ROAR lifestyle. Proudly made in the USA.

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