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Message From Odell

"I am blessed to play an important role in a sports drink company whose mission is to provide healthier options for the next generation. Joining ROAR and having my insight valued has been a rewarding and hands-on experience, as we develop new products and campaigns together that will inspire today’s youth in a positive way."

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Our story

ROAR, a coconut-water based drink, which gives you the energy and hydration of a traditional sports drink without all the chemicals and sugar. Created to provide long-lasting energy, ROAR’s advanced hydration system helps to replenish the body and mind while quickening muscular response. With 25% less sugar than its competitors and coconut-water based, ROAR provides a metabolism boost while detoxifying and increasing electrolytes

ROAR is now available at over 2,000 retail locations; so pick up yours today to start enjoying the ROAR lifestyle. Proudly made in the USA.

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